No Reason for Celebration, a new film by Sav Rodgers

Sav Rodgers, No Reason for Celebration, 2020; Archival footage documentary, Time: 10:30; Courtesy of the artist. Sav Rodgers premieres his new film, No Reason for Celebration, as part of the reflect / project exhibition at Mid-America Arts Alliance. No Reason for Celebration is both call to action and historical documentation of the pride, power, and persecution of...
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Kristen Lyle opens Playground Stories

Kristen Lyle, excerpt from Playground Stories, 2018; digital video, time: 5:49; Courtesy of the artist Mid-America Arts Alliance (M-AAA) is pleased to present the October reflect / project exhibition from St. Louis artist Kristen Lyle and their short films. Playground Stories and Outside the Sandbox. “Gendered thinking and unconscious bias affects everyone, but particularly trans and gender non-conforming...
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