Riel & Bianca Sturchio

Riel Sturchio, Bianca Sturchio

Austin, TX

I See You See Me

Bianca and riel Sturchio’s project, I See You See Me (ISYSM), stems from their decade-long photography project Chasing Light. Chasing Light serves as a medium to explore the vulnerability of living in non-heteronormative, ill and disabled bodies and convey the intimacy and world-building they share as twins. Their offshoot ISYSM is a new collaborative series that invites folks who identify as non-heteronormative (LGBTQ+), gender-diverse (non-binary), neurodivergent, neurodiverse, and chronically ill/disabled to partake in personal image-making. the artists provide collaborators with comprehensive learning materials and equipment, including 35mm cameras, film and processing, collaborative and one-on-one workshops, and the opportunity to have their work and story published in an online gallery.

Artist Bio

riel Sturchio (they/she) is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice includes film photography, printmaking, artist books, prose, sound installation, sculpture, video, and collaboration. Their work revolves around their experiences with disability, chronic illness, and queer identity. They received an MFA from the University of Texas, Austin (2018), and a BFA in Photography from the Maine College of Art (2012)

Bianca Sturchio (she/her) is a mixed-media artist and graduate holding a MSW (2020) and BSW in (2019) from the University of Southern Maine. Bianca uses her lived experiences of disability and queerness to inform both her professional and creative pursuits.