Olivia Trimble

Olivia Trimble

Fayetteville, AR

Rural Placekeeping Collaborative Exchange

The Rural Placekeeping Collaborative Exchange is a public art project working with the communities of Eudora and Fox, Arkansas. Second generation sign painter and muralist, Olivia Trimble, will gather community in a co-creative process to complete large-scale public art pieces. Part of the project is to empower these communities to continue efforts after this project is completed. Paid apprenticeships for local artists and a Guidebook to Public Art will also be shared with the community.

Artist Bio

Olivia Trimble is a sign painter and muralist in Fayetteville, Arkansas, who spends her days dreaming of ways to improve the rural and urban landscapes through hand painted signs and colorful works of public art. Some of her favorite pieces are positive messages, calls to action and encouragement. She received national attention after painting over a racial slur and formed the movement Repaint Hate. Olivia has worked on a number of indie craft shows and festivals, and recently ran for city council in her hometown. Her passion lies in strengthening the fabric of her community through engagement and art.