Nansi Guevara
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Nansi Guevara with Las Imaginistas

Nansi Guevara with Las Imaginistas

Brownsville, TX

Taller de Permiso: Permission to Act

Taller de Permiso is a multi-year campaign using performance, design and public interventions to demystify municipal permitting processes for micro economies in the low-income, immigrant neighborhood of Buena Vida in the border town, Brownsville, Texas. The campaign uses art as a tool to diversify sustainable economic opportunities, bridge municipal leadership with historically marginalized communities and amplify the cultural assets of the region by celebrating the regional traditions and cultural heritage of the immigrant community.

Artist Bio

Nansi Guevara is a nepantla artist living and working along the US/ Mexico Border in Brownsville, Texas. She co-founded Las Imaginistas and is project lead on Taller de Permiso, supported in part through an award from ArtPlace America. In 2016 Guevara was an artist in residence for the first Creative Placemaking project in the Rio Grande Valley, supported through an NEA Our Town grant and produced by buildingcommunityWORKSHOP. As part of her work with Las Imaginistas, Guevara was co-awarded a fellowship through A Blade of Grass in 2018 for the project Hacemos La Ciudad. Guevara holds a BFA in Design at the University of Texas with a focus on generating educational tools that teach equity and racial justice and is a 2011 Fulbright Scholar.