Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia

Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia

Kansas City, MO

Bordes Carnosos / Border Carnage

BordesCarnosos / BorderCarnage is a mobile installation and exhibit documenting the immigrant experience. Including archival histories from KC Latinx neighborhoods which have inevitable, painful ties to the borderlands of today, it investigates how we secure and maintain our cultural identity in a hostile environment, explore the fight against gentrification, ‘border walls’ & systematic segregation. This immersive experience educates communities by givingviewers a glimpse into the ‘other’, exposing diverse populations in ‘art deserts’ to Latinx narratives.

Artist Bio

Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia is a native of Michoacán, Mexico and spent his formative years growing up in Los Angeles, California. In early 1997 he transplanted his art practice to Kansas City to become part of Kansas City’s arts community. Now a longtime resident and artist of the Kansas City area, he is the Creative Director/Curator of Garcia Squared Contemporary in the Crossroads Arts District. Garcia Squared is a contemporary art gallery serving Kansas City’s diverse communities by introducing national/international artists and their works through a curated experience.