Ilene Berman

Ilene Berman

St. Louis, MO

Room13Delmar Mobile Gallery

Room13Delmar Gallery is a mobile art gallery in St. Louis, Missouri under the curatorial direction of the Room13Delmar senior artists. Its curatorial vision is based on the artists experiences as senior citizens and as north of Delmar residents. The mobile nature of the gallery allows it to move to each of the artists’ significant spaces and to function as a mirror that reflects the neighborhood back to itself with care and hope for the future.

Artist Bio

Ilene Berman is a St. Louis-based sculptor with a socially engaged arts practice aimed at addressing issues of social justice. Her practice is based on her belief that art can (and should) change the world. She understands change to be the result of small shifts often inspired by simple artful gestures. For the past seven years her practice has primarily been focused on addressing St. Louis’ Delmar Divide by becoming a catalyst for arts initiatives with neighborhood residents and businesses in order to challenge the embedded negative narrative of life, north of Delmar. Her most recent creation, Room13Delmar, is a tricycle-based mobile art studio. Ilene has a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and is a Fellow in the Fine and Performing Arts Department of Saint Louis University.