Caitlin Diaz

C. Diaz

McAllen, TX

ENTRE: An artist-run community film center and regional archive

ENTRE is a community film center and regional archive that focuses on the creation, exhibition, and preservation of community-made cinema, documentary, and video art. Located in the borderlands of the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, ENTRE’s mission is to provide access, knowledge, and skills in the realm of filmmaking, inviting more voices to document, share and archive the vast narrative of US/Mexico border communities.

Artist Bio

C. Díaz is a filmmaker and archivist from the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Her films explore the alchemy of celluloid, unearthing the intimate and sacred interactions between the physical earth and the people who inhabit it. Her desire to collect forgotten and discarded memories led her to archives, home movies, and oral history. Her films and archival projects have been presented and awarded throughout the US, Mexico, and Europe. In 2021, she returned to the RGV to continue her work as a filmmaker and archivist through the establishment of ENTRE, an artist-run community film center and regional archive.